Airport Transfers With New Electric Cabs

What makes cab companies drive the change

We all use cabs when we travel, and sometimes even at home. With such an emphasis on “man-made global warming” and the price of fossil fuel, a lot of attention has been given to alternative fuels for cabs. Air quality is very important, and we need to do whatever we can within reason to try to improve it. We have already enhanced our air quality in a significant way, over the past ten to twenty years.

There is no real proof of “man-made” global warming, even though it is one of the biggest reasons given to develop zero emission cars. Many scientists have found that there actually is, and has been global warming; and cooling, for thousands of years, which is cyclical. Most global warming they are aware of, happened before fossil fuel was first used. Personally I don’t believe that the emission from fossil fuel is causing any global warming.

However, with the rising price of fossil fuel, it isn’t a bad idea to look into alternative means for fueling vehicles. Some want to not only give up their comfort, but to force others to do the same. We don’t have to give up luxury to accomplish what we need. Although, no one should be forced into the mold of someone else’s agenda, there are a number of alternative fuels that will actually help clean up air quality, while also providing the comfort we have become accustomed to.

Why it makes sense to invest in green airport transport

One alternative to a gasoline powered car is the zero emission car. When it comes to air quality, a zero emission car puts out very little measurable pollution. Unfortunately, the production of the energy that charges its battery pack is, for the most part, produced with fossil fuel, which does pollute the air. So, why not use zero emission cabs, after all, cabs are everywhere, in every city and even little towns.

There are some advantages to a zero emission cab, which include cleaner emissions than conventional gas engines. The emissions are even cleaner than emissions from a compressed natural gas vehicle. The actual savings in the cost of gasoline per month averages about $100 for the average driver. So imagine if every city had nothing but zero emission cabs, like the greenr cab service in Malta we would all be saving a lot of money in cab fare and also contributing towards keeping the earth clean.

The disadvantages of zero emission vehicles far outweigh their advantages. These vehicles are much more expensive than are conventional cars with a gasoline engine. They are even thousands of dollars more expensive than the Honda Civic GX, which is a compressed natural gas car. The battery pack, which has an unpredictable shelf life, does ultimately have to be replaced. That can cost as much as $15,000.

So whenever you travel or just need a cab to get from point A to point B, ask your local cab company to give you a zero emissions cab! You will be doing the environment favor. Just think if we all started doing this, the world would be a much better place!

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