The Life of Cinema Actors and Famous People

Would you like to be rich and famous? I do!!

To tell you the truth, I do not want to live that live, and I am going to tell you why in a moment.

But first, lets talk about the abundance this life has to offer. Money is good, but you cannot really buy happiness with money right? Being rich and famous has its benefits and also its disadvantages.

You do not have a lot of privacy, you have to always be alert and sharp in your conversations because cameras are all around the place. And your wife or husband will be in the center of attention so there’s a bigger chance for a divorce down the line

When I was a young child I always used to dream of finding a decent job, having a nice house, getting married to a beautiful adorable wife…and the whole lot that comes with that. But anyways, that is what most guys and gals dream about when they are at a very young age.

Now that I have grown up into a young handsome man 🙂 I want more out of life. But I do not want to be the center of attention because that’s not going to make me happier, that will make me lose all the dignity I have got.

In 2016 going to 2017, my philosophy in life is like a movie, love healty and sex! And enough money to live a comfortable life, thats all.

Andiamo tutti al cinema? Si perche no. Tutti i martedì e mercoledì dalle 21.30 al Cinema La Perla di Empoli potrete vedere la rassegna di visioni infrasettimanali CineDrome. Vedere per credere.

Here’s to the guys who are looking for love..

And here’s for those who would like to become rich…